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Modern LiDAR portraitist, artist, designer, illustrator, musician, geometer, B. F. A.

Alan LaBudde

a close up of a puddle with leaves on it

USB stick portfolio

Signed by artist!-grab bag (every USB stick is different and includes my latest work) USB art/ music/video portfolio stick... it might work in your smart TV let me know you would be my beta tester and receive an extra free signed inkjet print. Order before Christmas 2020 and receive four extra 4“ x 5“ signed inkjet prints. Every order includes one signed inkjet prints by the artist, you have rights for all personal use but not for commercial use. Allow one month for creation and one week for shipping.

a man with a beard

...self portrait...

Many photographers will use LiDAR for blurring in the background etc. I intend to use it more like van Gogh might or Duchamp or Paul Klee or even William Blake...stay tuned! smile

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